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Does my website need an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates…what are they, what do they cost and do I really need one? Since the new GDPR regulations came into force in May 2018, we’ve had many clients come to us asking these type of questions.

Firstly, you don’t have to have an SSL to be compliant with GDPR although depending on what data you process through your website, it may become strongly recommended that you do actually install one.

However, with every new website we build, we always install an SSL certificate as standard practise (as long as your website is hosted with us.) and even with existing websites, SSL’s are often offered for free via your hosting provider or by using one through Let’s Encrypt.

What are the benefits of having an SSL?

User Experience

From a user experience point of view, having an SSL installed has some immediate benefits. Firstly, it shows new visitors to your website that your website is secure and trusted. This is shown with the little padlock icon in the URL bar and address starts with ‘https’.

If you run an ecommerce website where visitors are purchasing products, then it’s essential that you have an SSL installed as you will be processing sensitive data that must be encrypted. Just think to yourself – would you purchase anything from a website that you couldn’t trust or knew they weren’t taking security seriously?

Even if you don’t have ecommerce facilities on your website, If you collect and process data through your website (such as a contact form, booking system, etc) then we’d highly recommend you install an SSL certificate.

In today’s modern world of cyber security, credibility is everything so make sure you’re informing customers that you take their security seriously.

Search Engine Rankings

Websites that have an SSL certificate installed and display as HTTPS will typically perform better in rankings on search engines such as Google. When we optimise a client’s website, we often notice that they can get an easy competitive edge over similar companies because their websites aren’t secure. By investing a small amount into making your website secure, it can often prove quite significant in where your website ranks online.

Do you want help in installing an SSL certificate on your website? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!




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